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The Head of the Agricultural Office Of Sumba Timur Enjoys Deep Fried Locust: It is tasty!
Posted by maxfm on 16th April 2022

The head of the agricultural office of Sumba Timur, Oktavianus Mbaku Muku (white shirt) and the chief of Tani Center IPB, Prof. Hermanu Triwidodo (navy shirt), enjoying a dish made of Kembara locust. [Photo: Heinrich Dengi]

MaxFM, Waingapu – Suffering from a locust crisis for years, the residents of Sumba Timur have finally perceived the challenge as a blessing in disguise.

The locust, locally known as belalang Kembara, has been an ongoing problem for local farmers in Sumba Timur because they kept losing their harvests to Kembara’s invasions. However, it is the time for foes to become friends as the locusts are now considered a new source of protein.

The initial attempt to introduce Kembara locust as consumable was done at MaxFM, a local radio station. Located on its front porch, Radio MaxFm hosted a program of “Belalang Jadi Berkah” (locusts are blessings) via Zoom. Broadcasted live, the event was guided by Suparjiyem, the owner of Suparjiyem Restaurant located at Rest Area Paliyan Gunung Kidul, D.I Yogyakarta.

Kembara locust after being cleaned. Some unusable parts are removed. [Photo: Heinrich Dengi]

During the program, Suparjiyem said that usually, locusts are sold for IDR85,000/ kilograms at the local market in Gunung Kidul. However, before the program that morning, she bought it for IDR120,000/ kilograms.

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