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Women, the Great Civilization Builders
Posted by maxfm on 28th November 2021
The Governor of East Nusa Tenggara province received a plaque from the Chairman of GMKI central board. (Photo: ONI)

MaxFM, Waingapu – Women are known for their nature as multitasking beings. For that reason, if women have equal input and opportunity in the education and health sectors, they will be able to build a great civilization more than men do.

The Governor of East Nusa Tenggara (NTT), Viktor Bungtilu Laiskodat, conveyed the idea while presenting as a keynote speaker at a National Woman Consultation (Konas) of the Indonesian Christian Students Movement (GMKI). The event took place at Umbu Hapu Mbay building in Wangapu on Friday (26/11/2021). The governor uttered his appreciation to GMKI for raising the issue of women and children protection in the Konas.

The governor said that women are special beings because they can do multiple tasks at once, manage the tasks, and complete them well. The ability that men cannot do.

The governor, who pursued his doctoral degree at Satya Wacana Christian University (SWCU) Salatiga, stated that GMKI has done a great job by raising the issue of women and children in Sumba. He saw the decision as a great form of reverence for Sumba women, especially those who live in East Sumba. Despite the hardships and the conventional archetypes of the patriarchy, women in East Sumba have a significant contribution.

“There are indeed cultural challenges [for women], but they can be adjusted because there are no formal and official regulations that hinder women from pursuing education and receiving healthcare service,” he said.

Viktor added that women Konas GMKI has to issue a policy or recommendation [related to women] to be implemented and continuously supervised. That way, he expected that the policy brings a great impact on society.

“Women have multitasking ability. If they receive equal input and opportunity as men, they will be able to be outstanding agents in the development, including politics,” he added.

Viktor said that during his leadership as the Governor of East Nusa Tenggara (NTT) Province, he has seen the women in this area are amazing. This idea was supported by the fact that women hold vital positions in the regional government. They have proven that they could perform well at works.

As to students, Viktor said that the cadre of GMKI shall step out of their comfort zone and are ready to face explore new areas. Being aware of the public paradigm in East Nusa Tenggara that aggrandizes jobs at civil services, the governor reminded that the province has more potentials to explore including in agricultural, husbandry, and fishery sectors.

“We own vast farmlands. If we work them well, we’ll generate a great income compared to the salary of the head of the agricultural office. As the cadre of GMKI, you have to be courageous. Prove that you are determined persons even if it takes you to work under the harsh sunlight,” Victor said as an invitation to the cadre of GMKI.

The governor, who was once the faction leader of NasDem party at the Indonesian House of Representatives (DPR RI), mentioned that East Nusa Tenggara is the third poorest province. However, with the current development of renewable energy, he is optimistic that the province will be the wealthiest area in Indonesia.

“NTT possesses the potential renewable energy of 20 Giga and is going to build two Giga at the border of East Sumba and Central Sumba. [I believe], NTT will be the richest province in Indonesia for its renewable energy source,” he said.

During the Konas conference, one of the participants from GMKI Kupang, Nona Benu, asked Viktor what contribution that GMKI cadres could give to support the development of NTT. Viktor responded that when 1000 cadres are willing to work the agricultural land or develop aquaculture, the government of NTT will accommodate their needs. Further, he added that the government is committed to facilitating the cadres to the post-harvest period.

“If there are 1000 cadres of GMKI who are willing to work [hard] at their farmlands, the government is ready to facilitate their needs. I am sure that they will gain more than 7 million each month,” he said.

The Chairman of GMKI central board, Jefri Edi Irawan Gultom, said that the committee raised the topic of women as its event’s major issue because of great concern for women and children protection. He mentioned that there are increasing numbers of women and children abuse in Indonesia.

The women Konas in Waingapu is the second conference of a similar association, women Konas. The committee will forward all results and recommendations concluded at the program to the Minister of Women and Children Empowerment, I Gusti Ayu Bintang Dharmayati Puspayoga. It is expected that the ministry will use the conclusion as one of their references in issuing a policy of women and children protection.

“We all hope that Indonesian women and children shall be free to express themselves in all aspects of life, without any fear. That should be initiated from GMKI through today’s Konas,” he said. (Translator : Itha Priyastiti)

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