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Local Government Builds Supporting Facilities at Tanggedu Waterfall
Posted by maxfm on 10th November 2021
Visitors climbing the recently built stairs. (FOTO : ONI)

MaxFM, Waingapu – The construction process to build supporting facilities at Tanggedu Waterfall has been completed. Using the 2021 village’s development funding, the construction includes three shop units (sized 4×10 meters) and some gazebos.

It is expected that visitors can buy refreshments from the shops then use the nearby gazebos to relax while enjoying their snacks.

Toilets construction is near its completion. Similarly, the stairs used to get to the waterfall spot are also underway to finish. As for the garbage containers, the construction has reached the finishing phase.

A local public figure, Lukas Hering Humba (61) said that the construction of shops, gazebos, toilets, and stairs at Tanggedu waterfall is the attempt of the local municipality to provide visitors with convenience.

Lukas admitted that the initial effort to arrange the site was just begun in 2018 so there may be still some imperfections today. He said that there should be more improvements to the facilities to give a pleasant experience for the visitors.

“The track to reach the waterfall is pretty steep so it is difficult for the visitors, especially in the rainy season. So we built the stairs to ease the journey,” he said.

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