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Golden Generations of East Sumba Must be Globally Competitive
Posted by maxfm on 11th November 2021
The Regent of East Sumba, Drs. Kristofel Praing, M.Si. [Photo: Heinrich Dengi]

MaxFM, Waingapu – Golden generations of East Sumba regency is projected to be 40.719 in the year of 2031. They are now attending elementary school or high school. It is expected that they will be able to compete globally in 2031.

To achieve the target, strategic plans must be well-prepared. Education shall be one of the plans to related empower the human resource in the East Sumba regency. Therefore, attempts are required to minimize dropout numbers and to ensure that students finish their education.

In his speech, the Regent of East Sumba, Drs. Kristofel Praing, M.Si., stated his strategic plans. The speech was delivered before the Regent opened a public discourse of strategic education plan. The event was carried online with support from Program INOVASI (Tuesday, 11/11/2021).

Kristofel further said that there are 40. 719 pupils attend schools at 429 formal educations. They are either in elementary level (SD) or junior high school (SMP). These students are the golden generations of East Sumba in 2031, so there should be serious attempts to ensure that the students obtain good quality of education.

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