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When God Ordained, He Will Sustain
Posted by maxfm on 25th November 2023
Rev. Ency Djami Raga (GKS Soru – Sumba Tengah) [Photo: Heinrich Dengi]

MaxFM WAINGAPU – We must believe that the journey of human life is all under the authority of God, the owner of life.

Therefore, God has sent us to carry out what He desires for everything we are working on.

This is the case with pastors serving in the Sumba Christian Church Synod (GKS), which currently has more than 300 pastors.
They are called to serve the biggest congregation spread across the island of Sumba in four municipalities. Each pastor is responsible for serving the congregation to which they have been elected despite the intricacies and challenges of their own ministry.

Ency Djami Raga was elected to serve at GKS Soru of the central part of Sumba (Sumba Tengah) and ordained on March 7, 2014.

The rooftop of GKS Soru viewed from a road to Lindiwacu, Sumba Tengah [Photo: Heinirch Dengi]

When she was ordained, the congregation was in sad condition, and the challenges she faced were not easy. Not only was the congregation’s financial situation dire, but limited infrastructure in the area also became an obstacle, as the area had no access to electricity, water, or a telephone network.

Because of the poor road access, a few vehicles pass by the road in front of GKS Soru daily.

“When I was elected pastor here (GKS Soru), it was extraordinary to see one motorcycle or car pass by,” she said.

Rev. Ency, a mother of two, admits she is grateful for the opportunity to serve the congregation at GKS Soru. She is aware that it is God’s calling.

She further mentions that she can feel God’s consistent presence. Rev. Ency recalled the time when her eldest child was ill; she was struggling to carry him to the health service due to the poor road access and limited number of vehicles back then.

Front view of the GKS Soru Worship Building [Photo: Heinrich Dengi]

At that moment, Rev. Ency was alone with her two children because her husband was away, working in a different location. Amidst her anxiety about the child’s health, Rev. Ency chose to bring her heart to God with a simple prayer.

“When I prayed for my child’s recovery, I also asked God if He willed, please let a motorcycle pass by so I could ask for help. Then He answered my prayer! I managed to carry my child to the public health center,” she recalled.

Speaking of her ministry, Rev. Ency mentioned that as a mother church at Soru, the GKS Soru Congregation currently has three branch congregations and one smaller branch congregation, namely the Amaru, Waipawalu, Palendi, and Ranting Wiru.

To reach the congregation at those branches, she is required to walk. Usually, she and church board members step up to 9 kilometers. The situation may worsen during the rainy season because of the poor road access.
“Although the locals place rocks on the dirt roads, the path is slippery. We also need to cross the river. That’s why we cannot use any motorcycle,” she said.

Side view of the GKS Soru Worship Building. Renovated during COVID-19 with the helping hand of many parties, it is now at a halt. [Photo: Heinrich Dengi]

Despite all the challenges, Rev. Ency carries on well in her ministry. She admits that God’s guidance and the support of the church board have empowered her to endure.
In addition, Rev. Ency admits that her husband’s work as a civil servant in Sumba Tengah Regency has helped the family to meet their needs.

When asked about his income as a pastor, Rev. Ency asserts that God is the One who provides, so it is not appropriate to calculate it using human standards.

Rev. Ency concludes, “I believe that God has sent me to serve His congregation here, so I know for sure that He will sustain and take care of me, my husband, and my children.” (TIM). [Translator : Itha Priyastiti]

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