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Sumba Weather: Rain in Early December
Posted by maxfm on 2nd November 2021
Rain in Tana Rara, the district of Matawai Lapawu, East Sumba (Sunday, October 3, 2021) [Photo: Heinrich Dengi]

MaxFM, Waingapu – The Meteorology, Geophysics and Climatology Agency (BMKG) of Kupang estimates that the rainy season on the island of Sumba will start in early December. They also warn the residents of East Nusa Tenggara (NTT) to anticipate La Nina in early 2022.

The Head of the Maritime Meteorology Station of Tenau Kupang, Mohamad Syaeful Hadi, confirmed this in a telephone interview with Radio Max 96.9 FM Waingapu, Tuesday (11/02/2021) morning. Syaeful explained that the rainy season will occur between November and December, but its peak will likely occur in early 2022.

“Except for Manggarai, the rainy season is expected to begin in mid-November,” he explained.

Syaeful explained that thunderstorms and lightning will mark the start of the rainy season. They will mostly occur from noon to afternoon, so he suggests that residents watch for the weather before going out and equip themselves with a raincoat when the day tends to be cloudy.

Regarding the public concerns of the possibility of La Nina, Syaiful said that it will likely happen. La Nina occurs when there is a higher intensity of rainfall than usual. However, the public does not need to worry too much because it will occur in early 2022 and that La Nina is not a storm.

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