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Wedding Ceremonies and Customs of Kodi
Posted by maxfm on 15th April 2022

MaxFM, Waingapu – The tribes of Kodi inhabit the southwestern area of Sumba island, precisely, in Sumba Barat Daya (SBD) Regency. Having a population of around 100.000, the area consists of four districts, namely Kodi, Kodi Utara, Kodi Bangedo, and Kec.Balaghar.

According to the Kodi customs, marriage can only be performed when the brides and grooms are from different clans. Although tradition allows a person to marry their uncle’s son or daughter, the church has prohibited the practice. Therefore, internal-clan marriage is no longer possible. Additionally, the Catholic church in Sumba had not administered services of a blessing ceremony for internal-clan marriages.

In Kodi traditional weddings, some conditions are considered taboo. Any violence to the ordinances may result in lifetime customary and social sanctions to the groom and bride.

Marriage is prohibited when the groom and the bride have particular family ties. The following is a list of conditions when marriage is no longer supported:
1. If there are kinships between the groom’s and the bride’s fathers.
2. If there are kinships between the groom’s and the bride’s mothers.
3. If the groom and bride come from the same walla (clan/ ancestor). For example, between walla Nggawi and walla Nggawi, walla Biri and walla Biri, walla Tube and walla Tube, walla Loghe and walla Loghe, and so forth.
In Kodi, there is more than 100 known walla.
4. If the groom and bride come from the same parona (paraingu). Parona is a large village that the tribes of Kodi use for social gatherings. The kinship is prohibited in marriage because parona was built by Kodi’s ancestors whose forefathers were siblings.

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