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The Head of the Agricultural Office Of Sumba Timur Enjoys Deep Fried Locust: It is tasty!
Posted by maxfm on 16th April 2022

Further, Prof. Triwidodo said that there are researchers from IPB and the Indonesian Ministry of Agriculture visiting Sumba to collect data and detailed information about the Kembara locust. The data will be used as the primary source for the following steps.

Processed and ready to eat. [Photo: Heinrich Dengi]

He also thanked the “Program IPB Quick Response LPPM IPB dan Direktorat Perlindungan Tanaman Pangan Kementan” and those who have supported the program of “Gerakan 1Kg Beras untuk 2Kg Belalang”.

Meanwhile, residents who live near radio MaxFM had also partaken of the newly introduced dish of Kembara. Wili and Wulan, students of a neighboring elementary school, mentioned that they wished to have a second helping. They said that the locust tasted good. [HD]
[Translator : Itha Priyastiti]

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