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The Head of the Agricultural Office Of Sumba Timur Enjoys Deep Fried Locust: It is tasty!
Posted by maxfm on 16th April 2022

“Today, let me tell all of you. Kembara is not only consumable but it is also delicious! It tasted like shrimp. I have tried it with Professor Hermanu of IPB.”

Oktavianus further said that Kembara shall no longer be a menacing creature anymore. The cooking tutorial and demonstration at the event showed that the locusts are an excellent source of protein that can be used as ingredients for other culinary.

The Kembara locusts after being cleaned. [Photo: Heinrich Dengi]

The chief of the Tani Center of Bogor Agricultural University (IPB), Professor Hermanu Triwidodo said that the continual locust invasions in Sumba have concerned him and his colleagues at IPB. He and his colleagues are aware that the outbreaks have suffered the people. Therefore, IPB visited Sumba to offer alternatives to the problem.

He expects that through the program “Belalang Jadi Berkah”, which was broadcasted live on radio and spread online on social media, people in Sumba may consider Kembara as a blessing.

“It is tasty”, Prof. Triwidodo added when he was asked about the menu.

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