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The Head of the Agricultural Office Of Sumba Timur Enjoys Deep Fried Locust: It is tasty!
Posted by maxfm on 16th April 2022

Suparjiyem said that preparing locusts into a delicious cuisine is not complicated because of its easy handling and processing. She further instructed that during preparation, there are two simple steps to clean the locusts. First, remove the internal parts of the locusts; and second, wash the locusts thoroughly.

As for the seasonings, Suparjiyem said that she uses similar bumbu (Indonesian term for spices and herbs used in cooking), to everyday dishes such as shallots, garlic, coriander, bay leaves, lemon grasses, lime leaves, chili, cayenne peppers (adjust to your taste), some flavorings, a little sugar. Grind all the bumbu until they form a paste. For this step, you can use the traditional way of using a mortar and pestle, or you may choose a food processor. Put the locusts into the paste and let them sit for several minutes before deep-frying.

The Kembara locusts after being cleaned [Photo: Heinrich Dengi]

The event, which was also a cooking tutorial, presented two menus. They were Kembara Goreng Kering (Deep Fried Kembara) and Sambal Goreng Kembara.

Also attended the event, the head of the agricultural office of Sumba Timur, Oktavianus Mbaku Muku, expressed his gratitude to those who supported the program. He said that the program shall inspire others because it provided an alternative to solve the locust problem.

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