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Persons with Disabilities are also Priority Recipients of Covid-19 Vaccines
Posted by maxfm on 3rd November 2021

“When there are queries, we accommodate then proceeds them to doctors and psychologist to be followed up,” she said.

The good news for persons with disabilities in NTT province is that the Ohana foundation in Yogyakarta is working with the Indonesian Ministry of Health to provide vaccine service. Persons with disabilities in NTT will receive the vaccine from Johnson and Johnson. This type of vaccine only requires one shot.

“The Indonesian Ministry of Health requires a minimum of 100 persons to be vaccinated. So far, there are 700 people registered from three districts in East Sumba”, she said.

She hopes that the vaccine registration and implementation will work well. Therefore, children and persons with disabilities in East Sumba could receive the vaccine and be protected from Covid-19.

For information, a sign language interpreter was assigned to the Zoom meeting room during the talk show. Hosted by Heinrich Dengi, the talk show was also broadcast live from the studio of Max 96.9 FM. The event was supported by Harapan Nusantara Organization (OHANA) Yogyakarta. (Translator: Itha Priyastiti)

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