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Persons with Disabilities are also Priority Recipients of Covid-19 Vaccines
Posted by maxfm on 3rd November 2021

“There are screening teams to determine whether prospective vaccine recipients, including persons with disabilities, can receive the vaccines or [should there be particular conditions] have to be postponed,” he further added.

Nuning of Organisasi Harapan Nusantara OHANA Yogyakarta mentioned that she also faced challenges while giving vaccinations to persons with disabilities. Although the vaccination was given in partnership with the Indonesian Ministry of Health, parents or special needs sitters are still nervous. They are afraid of any risks that the vaccines may have to their relatives who have disabilities. It is because persons with disabilities usually carry comorbidity. Based on her experience, the team has to wisely give understanding to the families and convince them to take the vaccines.

“We have to convey the understanding to their [persons with disabilities] relatives, to those who are close to them. We have to tell them the advantages of getting the vaccines. [It will be easier to use the closest people to persons with disabilities] because if we explain it to them directly, it might not be easy,” she said.

Nuning further mentioned that she worked together with a team of doctors and psychologists. Using recorded videos, they conveyed the advantages of vaccines to persons with disabilities. Since then, they have been using recorded videos as dissemination media at gathering places for persons with disabilities.

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