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Ecumenical Easter Celebration in East Sumba: Evoking Wisdom in Togetherness
Posted by maxfm on 9th April 2024
Carrying the cross, one of the scenes in East Sumba’s 2024 Ecumenical Easter Celebration [Photo: Heinrich Dengi]

MaxFM WAINGAPU – Young people from various church denominations in East Sumba gathered to celebrate the joyful 2024 Ecumenical Easter Celebration.

As the person in charge of the activity, Sepritus Tangaru Mahamu proudly explained that the event is not only a celebration. It is the initial step for a series of activities that would continue in the future.

Scourged at the Pilate’s Court [Photo: Heinrich Dengi][/caption]

The support provided by various elements of society is valuable in realizing meaningful activities for all people in East Sumba.

"This activity is an important momentum in achieving the targets that have been set, especially with the presence of youth groups from various church denominations in East Sumba. It shows an extraordinary spirit of unity, where different church denominations do not prevent people from celebrating Easter together," he said to MaxFM Waingapu radio on Saturday (30/03/2024).

Scourged at the Pilate’s Court [Photo: Heinrich Dengi]

Sepritus further explained that the celebration was originally planned as an Easter victory carnival. It was then adjusted to the ‘Way of the Cross’, a spiritual journey that deepens the meaning of Easter and the message of salvation. Sepritus believes that although there was a modification to the original plan, the change was meant to have a more profound meaning to everybody.

The performer acted as Jesus fell on the cross [Photo: Heinrich Dengi]

The Ecumenical Easter celebration in East Sumba is not a mere ceremonial event. It is an important momentum in strengthening brotherhood among believers.

"Hopefully this spirit of togetherness will continue to inspire and strengthen the church community in East Sumba and its surroundings," Sepritus concluded. [HD] [Translator: Itha Priyastiti]

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