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Tropical Cyclone Seeds are Moving Farther Away, Yet the Destructive Impacts are Unavoidable
Posted by maxfm on 25th Maret 2024
Moved by the wave, a fishing boat in Kawangu beach is seen reaching the roadside [Photo: Heinrich Dengi] [Foto: Heinrich Dengi]

MaxFM Waingapu – Although the two tropical cyclone seeds have moved further away from the Sumba island of East Nusa Tenggara province, the residents of the East Sumba region have been affected by the impact.

A fisherman in Kawangu village, Rahi Tarapanjang, mentioned that strong winds and waves that arrived a few days earlier had destroyed fishing boats owned by the local fishermen.

Local fishermen anchor their fishing boats to a higher land [Photo: Heinrich Dengi]

“Strong winds and high waves have eroded the shoreline for about 10 meters, then the anchoring boats were pushed to the road. Several government-assisted boats had their wings broken,” said Rahi Tarapanjang, (Tuesday (19/03/2024) to MaxFM Waingapu at Kawangu beach.

Rahi Tarapanjang, a loyal listener of Radio MaxFM Waingapu, also mentioned that the waves crashed against the shore and reached the roadside. Beluntas bushes were hurled away that they withered.

Pine trees are seen toppled down by the waves on Kawangu beach [Photo: Heinrich Dengi]

Driving nearby Kawangu beach, MaxFM observed trawl nets lying unused on the road and fishing boats parked around fishermen’s houses on the seafront. Pine trees were also seen falling with roots hanging on the sand. [HD]
(Translator : Itha Priyastiti)

The view of Kawangu beach in the morning [Photo: Heinrich Dengi]

Waves have hurled trawl nets and fishing boats to the land [Photo: Heinrich Dengi]
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