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The Regent of East Sumba Promises A Tractor to Local Farmers
Posted by maxfm on 8th November 2021

Using sprayers, one hectare of farmland requires 7.5 liters of POC Max28. The interval for applying the fertilizer is two weeks. Because shallots need four months of planting period, farmers will only need the total amount of 60 liters of fertilizer.

“With adequate amount of fertilizer, we can yield 10 t0 20 tons of lokananta shallots per hectare of land. Therefore, if farmers cultivate more lands along the watershed in East Sumba, [I am optimistic that] we can provide East Sumba with local shallots,” he said.

Heinrich expects that when the government has granted the farmers a tractor, they have to be able to use the it to optimize their productivity. He also pledges that the foundation will continuously support the farmers by installing the Barsha pump at Tanambi.

“I hope that the tractor will encourage farmers even more, not the other way around. Farmers should keep their eagerness to cultivate the land. If they don’t [work the farm], we will move the pump to other locations,” he said. [Translator : Itha Priyastiti]

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