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The Regent of East Sumba Promises A Tractor to Local Farmers
Posted by maxfm on 8th November 2021

May also said that YKRMW does not only help them with the Barsha pump. The foundation has assisted the farmers by providing seeds and organic liquid fertilizer (POC) Max 28. Because of the foundation’s contribution, farmers can grow vegetables organically.

The Director of YKRMW, Heinrich Dominggus Dengi, said his foundation sees that the watershed areas are potential farmlands in East Sumba. Using the technology of the Barsha pump, farmers can cultivate their lands even during the dry season. For that reason, he is committed to helping the farmers in Tanambi through collaboration in 2020.

“We found the land by coincidence last year [2020]. After having some conversations with the landowner, we agreed to cultivate the land together,” Heinrich said.

Heinrich added that the collaboration with local farmers involving the foundation commitment to organic farming and eventually yield organically grown crops. Therefore, at the first stage of the farming process, he encourages the farmers to use manure taken from their barns. As for the following stages, Heinrich promotes the use of organic liquid fertilizer (POC) Max28, a product developed by YKRMW.

The regent of East Sumba, Drs. Khristofel Praing, M.Si and the chairperson of the Family Welfare Development group of Sumba Timur (TP PKK), Merlyati Simanjuntak, during interview with media crews after shallot harvesting at Tanambi. [Photo: Heinrich Dengi]
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