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The Regent of East Sumba Promises A Tractor to Local Farmers
Posted by maxfm on 8th November 2021

Khris added that a tractor is a form of appreciation and support from the government to the local farmers. He expressed his admiration for the farmers’ effort to tackle the challenges of land cultivation during the dry season.

The chairperson of the Family Welfare Development group of Sumba Timur (TP PKK), Merlyati Simanjuntak and one of the member of TP PKK harvesting shallots at Tanambi, Mbatakapidu village. [Photo: MHT]

“I thank Om Hein (the familiar nickname of the Director of Foundation of Radio Community MaxFm Waingapu or YKRMW, Heinrich Dominggus Dengi) and friends for their support. They have supported the government in assisting the local farmers fighting the impoverishment here [Tanambi],” Khris said.

May Hamu Li admitted that previously they only cultivated their land and planted corn in the rainy season. In the dry season, local farmers only grow a limited number of vegetables for self-consumption. The reason is that they have to use buckets to fetch the water from a nearby river to water the vegetables.

The situation changed in 2020 as they established a collaboration with YKRMW. The foundation provided the farmers with a Barsha pump that helps farmers cover a larger area of cultivation. Additionally, farmers do not need to carry water-filled buckets from a nearby river to their farmland. Using the pump, farmers can simply turn on the faucet to water their plants.

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