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Persons with Disabilities are also Priority Recipients of Covid-19 Vaccines
Posted by maxfm on 3rd November 2021

MaxFM, Waingapu – Persons with disabilities in Indonesia are one of those prone to Covid-19. Therefore, they have to get a priority to obtain the vaccine. World Health Organization (WHO) has regulated this in an attempt to create herd immunity.

Dr. Gilbert Renaldi Kusila delivered the topic in his material at a talk show with Radio Max 96.9 FM Waingapu. The talk show took the theme of Disabilitas Merdeka (Persons with Disabilities are free) from Covid-19 through Vaccines. It was carried out on Wednesday (03/11/2021).

Gilbert said that persons with disabilities are priority recipients of the vaccines because they need extra assistance from others due to their limited activities.

“Our dear friends who have disabilities, those who need wheelchairs or other supporting types of equipment, need extra assistance from others, so they are susceptible [to Covid-19 virus]. Therefore, they have to be protected [from the virus] by getting the vaccines,” he said.

“Vaccine variants available in Indonesia are safe to all, including the persons with disabilities,” he added.

Understandably, there are concerns about the vaccines because persons with disabilities tend to have comorbidities. To anticipate the anxiety, doctors and health workers must perform thorough screening before the vaccination. In other words, they cannot make personal assumptions about the conditions of vaccine recipients.

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